June 2023 Newsletter

  June 2023 Newsletter So yeah, trying to keep do you manage your time to include all that you HAVE to do, combined with all you WANT to do? Calendars and day planners are good options, but those take up so much time! Plus, I've never been able to fit it all in to a small little square and besides, WHO really wants to live in a box like that? Even if I do manage to utilize my calendar most of the year, summer hits and it's all out the window! So many activities; spontaneous BBQs, festivals, camping trips, beach excursions...those definitely won't fit in a square on the calendar.  One calendar we will be keeping up with is our new birthday calendar! The Birthday Club The Birthday Club is here! If your birthday is in June, we want to celebrate with you on Saturday, June 10th! Did you know Knit & Spin is celebrating 5 years? Help us celebrate our birthday too. Each month following, we will have a birthday party for those celebrating in that month. You will receive

Weekly Knit Bits 22-27 May

  May 22, 2023 WMYQ West Michigan Yarn Quest was a success! We had so much fun visiting with everyone and sharing each other's yarn adventures. Thank you to everyone who stopped by K&S last week. We are so grateful for your support, enthusiasm and creativity. Congratulations to each of our Daily Door Prize winners; Molly Lewis, Megan Glassner, Teri Meeuwson, Emily, Steph Barbers, Pam Czurak, Leann Stachowiak, and Laura Pyle. Heritage Breeds Week Livestock Conservancy International Heritage Breeds Week begins and as promised here's more about it, but where to start?? I believe conservancy is in our DNA as Michiganders which plays nicely with Heritage Breed Conservation. The Livestock Conservancy asks that we Share, Advocate and Celebrate the Heritage Breeds. There is so much information it would be hard for me to list it all here.  You definitely NEED to go to their website to see for yourself.  You'll discover all kinds of information about the

Knit & Spin May Newsletter

                                                      . May 6, 2023 I'm pretty sure that all of you are just as ready as me to kick this cold weather out of here and get on with the warm! May is gonna be a busy month around Knit & Spin!  First up is Yarn Quest!  For nine whole days,  May 12 through May 20, 2023,  each of the participating shops will have daily drawings, as well as yarn discounts, free patterns and  special little commemoratives . Don't  stress  if you  don't  have your passport yet,  they  are still  available now and throughout the quest (only one per participant, please) for $10 and obtainable at : New Ewe Yarn & Quilt Shoppe , Newaygo J.T. Stitchery Yarn, Fiber & Crafts , Rockford Chicks With Sticks Yarn Shop , Portage Henny's Yarn Shop , Caledonia Threadbender Yarn Shop , Grandville Country Needleworks , Jenison GarenHuis Yarn Studio , Holland Knit & Spin , Montague When you present your passport at each shop, you'll receive a st

Knit & Spin Weekly

Knit and Spin April 21, 2023                                                          Happy End of the Third Week of April! I don't need a reason for a party, it's fun to make it up as you go along...but this is not made up! Next week will be the Monthly Newsletter with more of what is coming up for May, but today is a reminder of Local Yarn Shop Day on the 29th and it's only a week away! Think mini festival! This is a way to help small businesses like Knit & Spin promote themselves. It's really easy to sit back and order from a huge retailer and sometimes we forget how easy it is to just pop in to a local retailer. It helps keep the money in our local economy. Plus, you get to squish the skeins, pet the kitties (Duchess, Sammy or Lady C) and have a cup of coffee or tea.                                                               We will have a canopy set up in front at 10am. Please bring a camping chair if you'd like to sit and knit or spin if the weather per


                                                                        April 14, 2023 Just when I had almost given up, here we are in mid-April and the sun is shining! And as far as I can tell, all is right with the world. It may not be that way everywhere...but I say "Bloom where you're planted." Well, I don't really say that, but I think it's some good advice...the little flowers have begun to show their colors at my house and it's so encouraging! Each time I go out the door, I swear I may actually be seeing them grow.  I'm not going to overwhelm your inbox with a bunch of emails, but I hope to keep you in the loop a little. I think we all have some natural curiosity about the circles we turn in our lives, and the yarn store is no exception, some of us spend a lot of time here! A lot of relationships are built in small groups of like-minded folks sometimes (if we want it or let it). We want to KNOW what is what, who is who, why, and how it all started.

April 2023 Knit Bits and Spinning Yarns

  Knit Bits & Spinning Yarns April 2023   Spring is here? Really? I know we’re only a few weeks in, but it’s not off with a bang so far, IMO. I’m still wearing long sleeves and sweaters plus thinking about knitting scarves and shawls! (The forecast this week does look promising however.)  Currently, The Sophie Shawl/Scarf by PetiteKnit is all the rage. Kay Gardiner of MDK ( )  made it very popular when she mentioned it in their blog. The scarf takes only one skein and has an I-cord edge  for a great finish. Our sample features a blend of Malabrigo Sock in Camel and Malabrigo Mohair in Diana.  Kinda like “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…” Mohair (we have several kinds, weights and colors)  has been very popular at K & S for a while, it’s the hot sauce of yarns, it’s good in everything!   Ravelry: Sophie Shawl pattern by PetiteKnit ,  Ravelry: Sophie Scarf pattern by PetiteKnit West Michigan Yarn Quest 2023 begins May 12 and runs through the 20th

Thank You!

 Happy New Year!      I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to everyone who helped us get through 2021.       Like many small businesses, K&S faced a number of challenges over the last year. From Covid closings to personal struggles, we touched on almost every gamete of the "to close or not to close" decision scale.      Without the support of our landlord, Winberg Construction, and stupendous volunteers like Molly and Ann, K&S would have certainly closed its doors.      Throughout 2022 Leanne and I hope to make some noticeable changes to the business.      First, we have decided to move away from carrying products on a consignment basis. While we support stocking fiber and yarn from local vendors, the negatives outweigh the positives for both the vendor and the shop.      Second, we will be studying trends in foot traffic and adjusting hours to match demand. Like many small businesses with limited staff, we hope to optimize our in-store and on-line sales.      Thir